Funds Monitoring

McCune’s Funds Monitoring Plan is a comprehensive plan designed to monitor funds for the mitigation of risk on commercial construction projects. We recognize that each project is different and can customize plans to fit your individual needs. With this plan, McCune conducts site reviews and manage and facilitate the accuracy of lien waivers provided. Your only obligation is to disburse funds to either your borrower or to the general contractor as listed in the McCune Payment Application form.

Funds Disbursement

The Funds Disbursement Plan is designed not only to monitor funds during construction progress and mitigate risk on commercial projects this also includes lien waiver management, site reviews, and funds disbursements by McCune to contractors and subcontractors on commercial construction projects. Clients will receive progress review reports from McCune recommending funding. Funds are then deposited into McCune’s secure disbursements account. Once funding is authorized, McCune will disburse funds and prepared lien waivers to all appropriate parties for progress and final payments per agreements.

Completion Guarantee

McCune’s confidence in our Funds Management Plans combined with our proven ability to successfully manage the funds on your construction project enables us to offer a Completion Guarantee. Should the Contractor, for any reason, fail to complete the project or be removed McCune will assume the responsibility for management and performance of the project without additional expense to the owner, lender, or contractor under the original construction agreement and terms.


The ProAssurance plan is exclusive to McCune. Developed to provide projects requiring a more elevated level of oversight, this plan not only includes our Completion Guarantee, full funds disbursement, lien waiver management as well as more frequent site visits, quality construction reviews, weekly progress meetings with minutes. Please contact us to discuss if ProAssurance is a good fit for your project.

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