"Solutions today for tomorrow’s challenges."



McCune Construction Services Group, LLC was founded by Stephen McCune and Joe Griltz and has become an industry leader offering a full range of construction risk management services including funds management, construction consulting, and funds disbursement services. 

McCune is well known through the industry for the quality of services, integrity, and solution driven approach to construction consulting services. You can depend on McCune’s more than 35 years of experience in all phases of commercial construction management to ensure all your project’s goals are realized.

With our knowledge of construction and high standards for quality, you can depend on McCune’s highly trained team of construction professionals for guidance that will help you manage the costs, quality and schedule for your projects. 

It is our mission to be the first choice among businesses needing construction funds management services in our chosen markets and to give back to those markets in ways that will have a meaningful impact. 


Our goals are to constantly look for ways to meet or exceed our clients expectations, to be involved in and participate in industry associations and to stay current on laws governing the businesses we serve

At McCune, it is our vision to better provide resources to Texas and Oklahoma lenders as a service base. We strive not to just provide inspections, but act as a real time and local resource for commercial construction lenders. We want to assist in managing the risk of construction lending and show our clients that it may not be as risky with the correct tools in place. We want to remove the negative connotation of construction lending for those within the banking industry with proven resources. Our goal is to be a resource for our clients to be able to lend confidently and for each project to be a valuable win-win not only for us but for our clients.


Steve McCune

Joe Griltz